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How to make a feathered bag in the comfort of your home, taking inspiration from that worn by Jessica Alba at the Golden Globe’s Award.



1. old clutch-style purse;

2. tacky glue;

3. marabou boa;

4. scissors.


STEP 1: Lay your clutch flat and visually estimate how far apart the pieces of your boa need to be to get the kind of coverage you want.

STEP 2: Spread the tacky glue in vertical lines down the front of your clutch, and across the top below the clasp.

STEP 3: Starting from one side, lay one end of the boa onto the glue at the bottom of the clutch.

STEP 4:  Fold the boa piece over at the top of the clutch, and then loop it down towards the bottom.  Snip at the bottom of the clutch.

STEP 5: Repeat for all the lines of glue until the front of your clutch is completely covered.  Allow to dry and then trim the ends so they’re all one length.



Audrey Hepburn: A true silver screen icon.

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Who doesn’t love AH, re­ally? Here’s nine style rules from Au­drey Hep­burn to live by. That will never go out of fash­ion…

1. Your summer uniform is everything; for example think 1950s midi skirt and blouse combo a la Au­drey in Ro­man Hol­i­day.

2. Keep it basic; A classic striped t-shirt? AH would not have been the same without i.

3. A hat is your BFF; in this sea­son you can’t ig­nore the plethora of head candy on of­fer – baker boys, berets, straw hats…we could go on.

4. Do not be afraid to dare with color;  that red dress and or­ganza shawl de­signed by long­time col­lab­o­ra­tor Hu­bert de Givenchy is per­haps the most mem­o­rable.

5. When in doubt, stick to all-black; Polo-neck + skinny trousers + brogues = the best.

6. The co-ords club; wearing a coordinated two piece is always a good idea.

7. Invest a lot on sunglasses; this serves to draw attention to itself.

8. Stick to luxe loungewear; AH has always loved keeping up the level of elegance in her wardrobe.

9. A Little Black Dress was her must have; buy now, wear for­ever.

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London Fashion Week Men`s Street Style 2019

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These are the photos of the London Fashion Week Men`s Street Style 2019, Very inspirational {see Victoria Beckham outfit}.  Puffer jackets, plaids and seriously luxe leather ❤ We love all this!!  Photographed by the best photographer—–>Jonathan Daniel Pryce.!!! What do you think ?Share comment and like.




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Here Come The Women In Black:

At this year’s Golden Globes, women in black put the issue of Hollywood’s gender inequality before froth and fantasia, says Ellie Pithers.

R.I.P. “Who are you wearing?” At the 2018 Golden Globes, the hot potato was “Why black?”, as actresses clothed in inky hues sounded the death knell for E! Entertainment’s favourite red carpet question. As revolutions go, it was hardly Bloody Sunday, but it was still an impressive, symbolic show of solidarity with victims of sexual harassment as part of the Time’s Up movement.Some went for elegant strapless columns – Zoë Kravitz, Allison Williams, Kerry Washington, Emilia Clarke – and others went asymmetric: Reese Witherspoon, Mary J Blige, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gillian Anderson. Crystal embellishment and lace were employed by Nicole Kidman.

Is black the colour for solidarity this year?

Are we making these gestures of dressing in colours to stand for times up movement?

Where is the colour this award season?


The denim doesn’t go out of fashion, it’s renewed!


Some trends come, stay around for a few seasons and then get relegated to the back of the wardrobe. Then there are those classics that never tire, never age and always remain a staple. Whether light-wash jeans or a new-season update on the classic denim jacket, there’s always space for a denim update.

Denim’s new mood has never been easier: just in time for the new season, the American classic Levi’s® Made & Crafted® embraces a global influence.

This winter it’s Levi’s® Made & Crafted® has a line of approach that is modern with sophisticated expression, that sees future classics created through high quality construction. This particular collection draws inspiration from around the globe. Levi’s designers have turned the world, crossing paths from Thailand to the Aran Islands, to perfect the resulting collection.