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On the left Anna Kendrick is wearing Georges Chakra and on the right is a dress made by Glamour Icons. Remember Christmas and NYE is coming up and with it, parties! Use our styling and bespoke design services to create the perfect look for the upcoming party season.

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apple collage

Main traits:

  • larger brust
  • broader shoulder
  • narrower hips
  • less defined waist
  • flat bottom


Main aim:

  • visually reduce upper half of the body by drawing the eye down to the lower half of the body
  • Draw attention away from your middle



  • shorts, skirts or slim fitting jeans with a wisely top could make the perfect outfit for you
  • wear bras that support your brust
  • pants with back packets
  • longer jackets
  • A-line skirts


  • pants that are too tight, because that makes your top seem extra large
  • thick belts, which will draw more attention to your middle
  • clingy shirts or dresses, which will also draw attention to your middle

Daytime Drama

In partnership with Fashion editors from Vogue and curate a look that feels chic as well as exciting and new for spring/summer ’17.

“Don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. The only rule is not to blend in,” is an oft-spotted quote by Paris Hilton – the symbol of Noughties navel-gazing has been enjoying a renaissance of late among the Tumblr crowd with her slyly witty observations.

It’s a sentiment that designers struggle with today, as they try to navigate a digital landscape which allows for any photo or reference to be easily accessed with the swipe of a thumb and catwalk pieces to be reproduced across the world even before the clothes have landed in-store.

The most continuously innovative designers, such as Christopher Kane and Paco Rabanne creative director Julien Dossena, counteract internet-fuelled jadedness with clever ways to jar the brain and titillate the eye (witness Kane’s necklace featuring a beetle set in resin).

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Glamour look for every day!

Glamour look for every day!

Miss Selfridge skirt
£38 –

Short black boots

Valentino embellished purse
£1,985 –

NARS Cosmetics moisturizing lipstick
£22 –

DIY – Flip Flops


All you need:

– a pair of flip flops

– scissors

–  a scarf


– cut the scarf

– then knot the scarf on the top of the shoe

– wrap it around

It’s finished! You can now wear your flip flops with what you want.

Credit: printerest , google images

Glamour Icons vs. Dior


On the left Jennifer Lawrence is wearing a white Dior and on the left is a dress made by Glamour Icons. Use our styling and bespoke design services to create the perfect look for the upcoming summer season.


Coachella 2017 style: Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner do festival fashion in Palm Springs


The first weekend of the Coachella festival in Palm Springs is complete with Nicole Scherzinger, Lady Gaga and Rita Ora among the stars to turn up and show off their take on festival fashion so far.

Some celebrities have gone for tried-and-tested looks; boho has been big, as have denim shorts, sequin tops and pristine white trainers (hold the festival mud).

But others have been more experimental. Take Kendall Jenner in dramatic sleeves, Selena Gomez in a vintage neckerchief, or, the ultimate, Rihanna in that sparkly spandex bodysuit by Gucci.


Shape your Style – hourglass



You have perfect proportions between you upper and lower body with a well defined waist. Dressing is often quite easy many styles suits an hourglass shape. Your only limitations will come from other fators such as weight, prominent features, age,   Your shoulder-line etc.

Weight gain does not become apparent until you are moderately overweight, as the weight tends to be distributed evenly and the waist remains proportionally small.

To flatter your hourglass shape the following Do’s and Dont’s will be of help help when you venture on your next shopping expedition or when you are assessing current wardrobe.


– soft fabrics

– simple jewellery

– shapely garments especially at the waist

– Emphasise curves without cluttering


– cluttering the body

– Big Belts

– Baggy styles

– Batwing sleeves