Get your own jeans skirt like Bella Hadid

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collage_jeansskirtI love Bella’s jeans skirt but don’t want to spend lots of money. I decided to create my own. All you need is an old jeans,
a scissors and a sewing kit.

Here are the steps:
1. Cut the jeans legs off.
2. Open the seams at the legs.
3. Fold up the open legs on the front and sew them together.
4. Cut out a triangle from the cut off legs.
5. Sew the triangle between the two stripes on the back.

And that’s it!collage_diy




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I thought about a new style but wouldn’t spend much money on new clothes. I decided to create my own top like Selina Gomez.


Here are the steps:

1. Cut the tank into even strips.
2. Divide the strips into pairs and knot them for the first tier.
3. Take a strip from each knot and knot those ones to create the second tier.

This is another easy DIY without using the sewing machine and perfect for the summer.

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Would you like to have a t-shirt like on the picture?  You’ll need a shirt, a pair of scissors, some machine washable glue, measuring tape, and about 10 minutes of your time. Now just follow the tutorial step by step.

1. Cut a 2.5 inch slit from the top of the shoulder down toward the armpit on both the front and the back of the sleeve. It’s important that you are cutting outside of the seam.  (This means your total slit length will be 5 inches.)  Once you’ve finished that, there’s a possibility that the shoulder seam might hang outside the shirt, like it is in the picture.  To avoid this, you should cut the unsightly seam off of the shirt in the area where it was visible.  Repeat this process also on the other sleeve.

2. Carefully cut off the very bottom of the shirt, below the seam stitching.  Save this strip of fabric for step 3. You’ll be using it to make the centre of the bow.


3. The strip of fabric from step 2 will be folded in half.  Unfold it and cut out two 2.5 inch strips.

4. Use your fingers to pinch the centre of one of the sleeves.

5. Wrap one of the strips from step 3 around the sleeve where you pinched it.  Put a dab of glue on the end of the strip, there you can see a star in the picture.

6. Fold the other end of the strip over the glue so that the strip becomes a circular band around the sleeve.  Pinch it tightly between your fingers to make sure that the glue is secure.  Repeat steps 3 through 6 on the other sleeve.  Before you trying on your new shirt, let the glue drying!



How to

Open back minidress

Would you like to have a open back mini dress like Heidi Klum? You’ll need a thrifted dress, scissors, chalk and a needle and thread. Now just follow the tutorial step by step.

1. Put the dress on and get someone to draw the cut out bits on you. You want to draw on an upside down ‘U’ shape which keeps some fabric at the back of the neck so the dress retains its shape.


2. Cut the dress out along the chalk line. Remember you want to be able to open and close the dress at the back of the neck so don’t, whatever you do, cut it all out. If the dress dress has a zip down the back, left a small length of extra zip, and then folded the two teeth of the zip over to create a new end to the zip.


3. Sew all the edges of the cut out fabric by rolling over and securing with small stitches.

4. Sew two sets of hook and eyes onto the back neck fastening to secure the dress.



How to

Tube top

Create your own tube top bandeau like Kendall Jenner. It’s easy! 

YOU NEED:  tube top or  tight shirt, scissors and ribbon.

  1. Cut the top and sleeves off.
  2. Fold it in half and tie ribbon/lace/etc around it.
  3. Twist the ribbon so the know isn’t showing.

WANT TO MAKE IT EXTRA CUTE? Try using patterned shirts or add embellishments to the top



How to

Create your own striped bag like Jennifer Garner. It’s easy! Just follow the tutorial below.

You need: rubber bands, scissors, t-shirt, long zipper, needle and thread.

  1. Grab a striped tee, turn inside out and wrap rubber bands tightly around each sleeve.SB1 2. Cinch the waist, and wrap two bands around tightly for extra support. Keep in mind, the further down you gather and wrap, the larger your bag will be. Snip a 1/2” inch below each rubber band and flip fabric right side out.


3. Find a long zipper in a fun contrasting color and secure to the opposite sides of the neck by stitching.



How to

image1 (1)Create your own off the shoulder top and skirt set Beyonce’ and Vanessa Hudgens. Just follow the tutorial below!

You need:

  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • thin elastic
  • thread
  • pins
  • dress
  1. You have to cut the dress into two pieces, the top and bottom sections. Hem the top edge of the skirt, leaving enough room and an opening g to create casing for the elastic. Add your elastic, close up the opening and your skirt is finished!
  2. Next cut off and set aside the sleeves. Then sewed the tube back together using the sleeves from the dress as the sleeves for this new top. You need to add elasticated bands to the top and bottom of that tube, and then add elastic bands to the ends of the sleeves, sewing them all together by hand. Easy!



How to

PicMonkey Collagee.jpg

Create your own fringe clutch like Olivia Palermo or Naomi Watts. It’s easy! Just follow the tutorial below.

You need:  a piece of leather, leather cord, a multi hole punch and scissors.

  1. Cut your leather to size and then fold it in half. Then you’re going to start hole punching down both open sides of the leather.
  2. Now cut your cord to size. Using a pin or a seam ripper, fold your cord in half and press the folded end of it through both holes. Loop the cord and pull it tight so it secures the two layers together.
  3. Do that all the way along. Then, fold the top over to close the bag and away you go!




How to

PicMonkey Collage

Would you like to have a leather bow like Ariana Grande or Miley Cyrus? You’ll need just a just a small scrap of leather, or faux leather, about 4 1/2” x 3 1/2”, a narrow strip about 1”x 3”, a metal barrette clip, rotary cutter, disappearing fabric pen, hot glue, and embroidery thread. Now just follow the tutorial step by step.

  1. 1. Measure and draw a rectangle 4 1/2”x 3 1/2” on the leather, and cut it out as straight as you can, using the rotary cutter. I drew on the other side (suede side), so I didn’t bother erasing my marks.
  2. Cinch at the middle by folding the leather like an accordian.
  3. Tie some embroidery thread around the bow to secure. Trim the thread.
  4. Hot glue the end of the strip to the underside of the barrette, let cool.
  5. Wrap the strip around the bow  and hot glue on the underside to secure. Let cool and trim the leftover.
  6. Finesse the bow until it takes on the shape you like.inesse the bow until it takes on the shape you like. steps (1).jpg



How to

PicMonkey Collage 2

Would you like to have a similar beautiful crop top like Beyoncé, Bella Hadid or Rihanna without buying nothing? Just look at the picture and follow the tutorial step by step. You’ll need just an old pair of leggings and scissors.

  1. Fold your leggings in half.anigif_enhanced-8675-1434317704-10
  2. Mark a semi circle along the pointy crotch part.anigif_enhanced-24040-1434318058-2
  3. Cut the semi circle.anigif_enhanced-1803-1434318260-6
  4. Wear it!anigif_enhanced-17493-1434318596-2