Here’s a super detailed list of the things you have to keep in check to keep prom running smoothly.

These tips will help get you through the night stress-free, so you can have a great time without worrying about anything about your appearance.

  • 3 months before you should find your dress, start looking at prom hairstyles or find DIY hairstyles on Pinterest, start getting makeup inspiration and buy prom tickets.
  • 2 months before book your limo, find your accessories (the bag and the jewelry) and decide where to take your prom pictures.
  • 1 month before book hair appointment, book makeup and nails appointment


Don’t forget about how the dress fits you. Make sure to try on your gown before prom to make sure everything fits perfectly! If not, no panic! You can always bring it to a tailor if you’re having fit issues. Remember then about the shoes. You need to be comfortable in them so f you’re not used to wearing heels you should walk around your house the weeks before the prom!

If you’re looking for a tailor or a fashion designer or you’re interested in buying the red lace two pieces outfit above pm me or contact on 07434128224.




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