corset belt collage

Do You want to have a similar lovely corset belt like Kendall Jenner? Then follow this tutorial step by step.

All you need :

  • Leather dyed in the color you want
  • Leather punches No.1 and No.3
  • Rivets in the color you want
  • Eyelets in the color you want
  • Setting tool for rivets and eyelets
  • Suede cord 3.5 meters
  • Hammer
  • Fabric and elastic
  • Piece of wood
  • Scissors
  • Template

Instructions :

PicMonkey Collage1

  • Make yourself an exact template of the belt
  • Wrap the end of the hammer with the fabric and secure with elastic.
  • Upside down, place the leather on the wood and on top of it  place the template.
  • With No.1 punch drill there,  where the rivets  must be and with No.3  on the place for the eyelets.


  • Place the rivets with the pressing tool or with the hammer to form the heart. And the eyeleds on the both sides.


  • On the side where the hole are close, pass a piece of suede cord and tie a knot to decorate and fasten.
  • Then pass the string on the other side. It will unite the both parts of the belt and serve for tying the belt at the waist.

It’s finished! You can now wear your belt with what you want (a dress, a shirt…).

Credit : Google images


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