Bill Cunningham, gone too soon


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Bill Cunningham was the pioneer of “fashion on the street”, as he coined it, since he started documenting fashion lovers, commuters and everyone around him for esteemed publications.

“I let the street speak to me – in order for it to speak to you, you need to stay out and see what it is”

His fashion career started in the late Forties when he moved to New York and became a milliner; inn 1953 he picked up a job in fashion photography job at WWD, documenting what would become his calling card: an unbiased and independent eye for what was happening around him.
The photographer rode his bicycle around his adopted home-town of New York- to capture the prevailing trends and to celebrate the differences in fashion.

“It’s not work, it’s pleasure,” he was often heard saying to anyone who congratulated him on his career, so people can remember him as someone who lived to the end doing what he loved.


Pictures : Google Images




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