The best swimsuit for your body shape: rectangular and apple.


Discover the best swimsuits for your body shape!

If you have rectangular body shape like Jess Glynne or Cara Delevigne….

-Look for feminine prints and colors, like pink floral.

-Try a swimsuit with angled stripes.

-Wear a swimsuit with ruffles or fringe.

-Draw extra attention to your hips with a string bikini.

-Make your bust look curvier with a front tie.

-Avoid bandeau style tops.

If you have apple body shape like Ashley Grahm…

-Look for fabrics designed to keep your stomach flat.

-Try a one-piece suit with shirring down the sides and at the waist. .

-Camouflage your mid-section with creative prints.

-Slim down your front by looking for side detailing.

-Avoid billowy swimsuits.

-Consider a banded bikini.


pictues: google images

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