upcycling/alterations or App


IMG_0364last night I found myself sitting down cutting out my baby’s old bath towels so i can turn them in to bath mats, I was so excited and enthusiastic at first I even recruited my 8 yr old  help with ( mummy’s special project) as much as I love creating and watching new things come to life, my excitement soon died down, it dawned on me that I would spend a considerable amount my son soon lost interest and not amount of bad singing and actions was convincing him to play with mum.

We have a become a nation of creators, designers, we click our fingers and we come up with a whole village with sheep and pigs and amazing buildings, we dress to kill and choose what our virtual outfits and houses are going to look like. We’ve become masters of creations with our phones and tablets.

A simple task I once enjoyed with my mum making and creating stuff is now a bother.  If it doesn’t have an app its not worth it! and as my 8 yr old son would say, “its boring”

The truth is i thoroughly enjoyed myself, even though my son help was with a constant reminder of “are we finished”? those few minutes that we spent together were truly magical. It was time away from technology and time with me.

What do you think?  are you for up-cycling/alterations or are you for using an App!

Set yourself a challenge and do it, mine was a bath mat,  the end result will make you proud not having to use an app to create something. Most importantly have fun.

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