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Today Kim Baldry and Bridget Prideaux from Bosom Pals visited our studio to pick up the first 40 bags we have been working on for a month now! They were amazed by the design, variety and fabrics and so happily looking forward to handing them on to the nurses at Derriford Hospital. The bags are produced for women having a breast surgery to carry their post surgery drain bags in some more fashionable and stylish item rather than something like a Tesco bag. “It brings a smile to their face and helps them feel more comfortable and better during their stay in hospital. We fill them with little things we think they might be helpful such as lip balm or hand cream donated from companies,” Bridget explains. Bosom Pals, supporting ladies who have experienced breast cancer, started the project in March 2013 and soon more and more groups or individuals took in, just like Trishia from Glamour Icons, a bespoke design and make service, heading for at least 100 bags. “We use it for practising at Glamour Icons and it’s , always fun for the learners being creative and doing something useful at the same time!,” she says. It’s a pleasure for Glamour Icons to be part of the project and to make life for those women experiencing such a hard time a little bit better!

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